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Who Are You?

I mean really, who are you? Give me the deep. Give me the real. Give me the vulnerable. Give me the pain. Give me the joy. Who are you? A couple months ago, a friend of mine brought this question … Continue reading

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You’re More Than A Stranger

I don’t know your name. In fact, I can’t even recall your face–for you are a master of disguise. You don’t wear a cape and you are as humble as they come. Remember the time you held the door open … Continue reading

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You are too kind!

Since I began blogging, I have found some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. But, by far one of the kindest has been my new friend Lori from Creating Beauty in the Kitchen. Her story is inspiring- in her … Continue reading

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When we can’t see what is waiting for us at the top.

Life sometimes offers us amazing opportunities. Once in a lifetime chances, and we have the decision to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Often without hesitation we scream back at life ‘YES’ fully encouraged and ready to take on the journey before … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed with that Christmas kind of feeling!

100 followers and 3 more Liebster Awards! I am overwhelmed and so thankful for all of the support and encouragement you have shown me. When I started Light the Lie, I was hoping to encourage teens and shine light on … Continue reading

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Basic training: We’re already in the war.

When a soldier heads to battle, they go through training. They are not just thrown into the war zone with a, “Good Luck.” They go through a training course that tries its very best to prepare each individual for every … Continue reading

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I am SO honored.

First of all, this weekend was pretty crazy. I’m sorry I went MIA! My little girl ended up sick and we spent quite a bit of time in the doctors office, which also landed me a cold. 😦 BUT! We did … Continue reading

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An Invitation not the ‘RSVP’.

Life is busy. Can you agree? We run from task to task, checking off each item on our list. Somehow the list never ends. There is always something else. Another chore, another assignment, another diaper to change. All of our … Continue reading

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