When we can’t see what is waiting for us at the top.

Life sometimes offers us amazing opportunities. Once in a lifetime chances, and we have the decision to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Often without hesitation we scream back at life ‘YES’ fully encouraged and ready to take on the journey before us. The prize we see is beautiful, and we can hardly wait to get there.

This past weekend our neighbors invited us on a hike and fishing day trip. Which we did not hesitate to commit to the trip, as fishing is one of our all time favorite activities.


We drove the hour and a half to the mountain all packed and ready to hike up to this mystery lake somewhere at the top and jumped out of the car, ever ready. The wind, however, was blowing so heavy it actually hurt to open your eyes. Causing me to immediately question if I would enjoy this trip much at all.


The trees blocked the wind and the hike was needless to say, breath taking. But our quick steps gradually began to slow, and the backpacks and babies became heavier. We saw the sun gleaming at the top of the mountain but there was no end in sight. We had to stop and take a few breaks, and shed a layer or two of clothing. My excitement for the trip was dwindling. It was hard.

Determined to make it to the top, we pressed onward up the mountain. Step after step, corner after corner, and water in hand.

When out of nowhere, there it was! Almost magical.


Life filled my heart, and once again the backpack was light. No longer thinking about our aching legs as we energetically picked out our fishing spot.

The day was beautiful, and the fish were almost jumping at our lines. It was amazing, and SO worth it. The sun kissed our skin and the beauty before us was refreshing. All the voices of others passing by consisted of lovely stories and there wasn’t joy lacking whatsoever. This was our secret paradise.


But with other opportunities calling us, we packed up and began the hike down the mountain. Only a couple steps over the hill, and tired and weary faces were begging us to tell them how much further. Oh if they only knew what was right ahead of them!

photo (7)

Group after group we passed, each time their weary faces and heavy breath looked to us for encouragement. A few groups even contemplated turning around and heading back to the cars. If they only knew! Almost laughing as I realized I was them only a few hours earlier.

With each exhausted face, we gladly gave them the encouragement to keep going. “You are almost there! It is absolutely beautiful!”


Isn’t this story a fascinating illustration of life?

We are so ready to start a journey, but when the mountain inclines and our legs start to tighten, we begin to question if it’s worth it. We no longer anticipate the marvelous lake awaiting us, and can only see the dirt at our feet.


As we look to others who have already been where we’re going, we gain a little hope from each encouraging word. Just enough to climb the mountain.

Then we stand astonished at the top of the climb. We reached the prize, and it is divine.


As we head down the mountain, we encourage others as they have not yet seen what we have. How excited we are for them! “If they only knew.”

What mountain are you climbing? Have you turned to others who have reached the top yet? Are you encouraging others who have not yet reached the peaks you have? 

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11 Responses to When we can’t see what is waiting for us at the top.

  1. Lori says:

    This makes me think of Philippians 3:14 where Paul says, “I press on toward the goal of the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” We so often have our eyes focused solely on the circumstances around us that we don’t see beyond that. We forget that we have a God who is walking with us through everything, and we forget that what awaits us on the other end of that hill, or sometimes mountain, is an eternity with our heavenly Father….no more tears, no more pain. That makes my heart smile! Great post Emily! Isn’t it wonderful how God uses the things that happen in our day to show us something about life? I love that you are sharing that with others!
    P.S.Looks like you all had so much fun!

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    • lightthelie says:

      Lori, thank you for that comment! What truth you speak. It is beautiful and warms my heart. I forgot that verse used those exact words! Crazy how He can speak to us, and show us the same things He showed the people of the Bible. I’m so thankful God puts people in my life like you 🙂 I’m learning to do a lot more listening on my end to hear the messages He’s trying to tell me. No better place than a beautiful lake! We had a blast! I hope your weekend was just as wonderful!! Praying for you today 🙂

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      • Lori says:

        I know, so glad we met on this blogosphere! 🙂 Yes, we are sometimes so bad at listening to Him aren’t we? We do a whole lot of talking, and not much listening. That is neat that He is working in your heart in that way. So glad you guys had such a good time! Yay! I love being out in nature! And thanks for your prayers!!

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      • lightthelie says:

        Yes, and a whole lot of talking and asking! Oh how silly I feel sometimes when I stop to hear what He’s been trying to tell me all along 🙂 It’s so nice to know we have a God that wants a relationship with us!

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  2. beingeternal says:

    Beautiful Inspiration! Love this climb very much. The divine destination waiting at the top is the best encouragement making us climb higher and forget the difficulties we kissed on our path.
    “What mountain are you climbing? Have you turned to others who have reached the top yet? Are you encouraging others who have not yet reached the peaks you have? – This is very thought provoking. You have embedded a beautiful wisdom in a playful way and smart way. This is greatly appreciated. Stay Wonderful! 🙂

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  3. jisbell22 says:

    This is a great analogy for our journey through this life. You are an amazing writer and story teller. I love your blog and the immensely positive vibes I get each time I read your posts. Thank you

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  4. ShethP says:

    We no longer anticipate the marvelous lake awaiting us, and can only see the dirt at our feet.
    True, more often than not. Maybe after reading this, that will change, though. 🙂


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