Overwhelmed with that Christmas kind of feeling!

100 followers and 3 more Liebster Awards!


I am overwhelmed and so thankful for all of the support and encouragement you have shown me. When I started Light the Lie, I was hoping to encourage teens and shine light on the lies that are fed to them. Lies that I believed. Lies that affected many of those around me. Lies that are still alive in our world today!

But I have found that while my heart specifically wants to fight for the students, it also loves and longs to encourage you. It doesn’t matter the age-student or not. Because we are all in this together. So, thank you. Thank you for flooding my posts with encouragement and loving words!

Truth is, without you I can accomplish nothing! I realize how important you are and am grateful for every second you spend here with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million. If I could shower you with gifts-I would! I really care about you. As I read your posts, I laugh with you, I cry with you, I relate to you, I smile with you, I am encouraged by you, and I cook with you. Thanks for being a part of this journey with me!


I also want to thank My Creative Journey, Cupcakes Adventures, and The Teen VernacularΒ for re-nominating me for the Liebster Award. Please go check out their blogs when you have a moment! They are all so wonderful and have the most beautiful hearts. I am honored that the 3 of you have showered me with such kind words!

Since I have already been nominated, I will not be redoing another question/answer… It would be never ending and I just appreciate your time too much! I know we’re all busy πŸ™‚

I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful community of smart, witty, encouraging, optimistic, dreaming, passionate, artsy, courageous, brave, loving, and talented writers!

Thanks for taking me in, I think I’ll stay awhile if that’s okay with you!

Also, 97 days until Christmas!Β (Not like I’m counting…or dancing…)

photo (6)

❀ Emily

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13 Responses to Overwhelmed with that Christmas kind of feeling!

  1. Franz says:

    Yes every like and follow does feel like christmas.


  2. capegirlal says:

    congrats! That is awesome!


  3. beingeternal says:

    Hearty Congratulations Emily for all 100 lovely followers and happy awards. I honestly loved your thoughts and humble words. I love this trait. You were always around for encouraging others with your beautiful comments and now, it is time for payback. Of course, you never expected anything in return. Keep up your best smile. πŸ™‚ May you always be blessed with wonderful thoughts. Stay motivated! Love, Reva.


  4. I can’t wait for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Natalie Brenner says:

    You go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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