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Stereotypes and School Rivalries

We all know the cliques and the stereotypes that are attached to them. The band geeks, the Math nerds, the dumb jocks, the teacher’s pet, the English snobs, you’re well aware of them I’m sure. So this is not a post … Continue reading

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You are not your Parent

Parents are a mystery. As children we want to grow up to be just like them, and by our teenage years we want to be nothing like them. Eventually, Superman shows us his Kryptonite and “You’re just like your mom” becomes an … Continue reading

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Expectation, Expectation, Expectation, Who?

Why do we do what we do? The clothes we put on, the food we consume, the chores we do, the work we accomplish, and all of the extracurricular activities we take a part in. Is it to live a better life? Is … Continue reading

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