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A Clothing Conversation I Wish We Would Have Had Earlier

After marrying my husband, I began to notice men more. Why? Because my husband would be calling them out in the store as we’d walk by. Men I didn’t even really notice until after the words, “Hey man, what are you looking at?” would fly out of my husband’s mouth. I certainly love sharing my body with my husband, but men at the grocery store? No thank you.

He hate’s to see men, as he says, “undressing me with their eyes”–and I don’t blame him! I don’t like it either! Continue reading

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Writing Changes Things

Why do I write?  The question has echoed in my head more than once, maybe you’ve heard the same? This question is healthy–sort of a reality check. Without a vision of where we’re heading it can be hard to see the … Continue reading

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A Secret: To Be Broken and Beautiful.

As I sat on the back porch and tried to choke down my black coffee, I was reminded of someone in my life who is truly beautiful. I wondered to myself, “What is so beautiful and captivating about her?” Yes, … Continue reading

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