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A Clothing Conversation I Wish We Would Have Had Earlier

After marrying my husband, I began to notice men more. Why? Because my husband would be calling them out in the store as we’d walk by. Men I didn’t even really notice until after the words, “Hey man, what are you looking at?” would fly out of my husband’s mouth. I certainly love sharing my body with my husband, but men at the grocery store? No thank you.

He hate’s to see men, as he says, “undressing me with their eyes”–and I don’t blame him! I don’t like it either! Continue reading

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5 Misconceptions of Forgiveness

So you forgave them. Why does it still hurt so much? Maybe we have been thinking forgiveness is something it’s not. (and some cutie pictures of my baby girl with no correlation to the topic other than something cute to … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Shooting at the Wrong Goals

Some say goals are good, others will even argue they are great. Yet an achieved goal can land us in the hot seat to wondering what in the world we’ve been doing the last 15 years of our life. When we were … Continue reading

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The Curse Of A Sibling: They Sure Make Life Harder

It’s the person we have both blessed and cursed. Our best friend who also sits ranked number one on the “Enemies Most Wanted” list. We protect them and we know how to get them where it hurts the most. The … Continue reading

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You are not your Parent

Parents are a mystery. As children we want to grow up to be just like them, and by our teenage years we want to be nothing like them. Eventually, Superman shows us his Kryptonite and “You’re just like your mom” becomes an … Continue reading

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Life is Short

Today, on September 11th, we are reminded of how truly short this life is. With the list of our daily duties, it is easy to forget. It is easy to forget the waiter that messed up our order, is a person. … Continue reading

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How Do We Get Back To Before?

My daughter. When she’s having fun, she laughs. When she gets hurt, she cries. When she needs a hug, she finds one. When she’s hungry, she eats. When she’s tired, she sleeps. She’s one and she is more in tune … Continue reading

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