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My totally-unplanned, painfully-natural, scary-intense-traumatic, couldn’t-have-thought-it-would-go-any-more-different-than-I-planned, homebirth

Here it is. My totally-unplanned, painfully-natural, scary-intense-traumatic, couldn’t-have-thought-it-would-go-any-more-different-than-I-planned, homebirth As you know from my previous pregnancy post, I have a REALLY hard first 20 weeks of pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I had a fairly less traumatic labor. My water broke … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need Tough Love, We Need Tough Love.

I’ve heard the phrase so many times, “It’s just a little tough love.” Typically after a parent, teacher, mentor, coach, or friend says something that sounds quite opposite from love. Do you enjoy receiving this kind of ‘tough love’? I … Continue reading

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Competitive Sports: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Within the last generation or two, a surge of competitive sports has began taking over families everywhere. Mom vans, and carpools. Half time snacks and loads of laundry. Dinner through the drive thru and homework in the car. Early mornings … Continue reading

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I’ve Missed You, please read and forgive me!

First off, I’m so glad you are still here. I would like to apologize for vanishing. It wasn’t that I needed a break, or that I didn’t want to connect with you, or that I wasn’t interested anymore. I’ve simply … Continue reading

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Surviving Divorce as a Teenager

They say 50% of marriages end in divorce. The statistic was only a number until my family became a part of that statistic. They say as we get older, we handle divorce better. They say it is easier. They say not … Continue reading

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White Picket Fences

We see the white picket fences. We ooh and aww at the house behind. The yard is beautiful and perfectly landscaped. We see the family outside and wave from time to time, but never stop for very long. We walk … Continue reading

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