Writing Changes Things


Why do I write? 

The question has echoed in my head more than once, maybe you’ve heard the same? This question is healthy–sort of a reality check. Without a vision of where we’re heading it can be hard to see the meaning of what we are doing now.

So why do I write?

First, I want to achieve greatness. This is the driving force in all of us, we want to be great–and that is such a good thing. Maybe we don’t understand how we are great or will become great, but we all have hope to be great. We want to make a difference and writing is a special opportunity to reach an audience tailored to the writers’ genre. Someday I vision being much more than a blog, much more than another post in your reader. I see books, traveling, opportunity, and a community. Can you see it? 

Second, my heart longs to be needed. Isn’t it funny that when we give or serve others we feel worth? While it is fun to be the one receiving a gift, there is an even better feeling when you know you have given a good gift. I write in hope to give a part of myself as encouragement. We all understand the special joy that comes along with an amazing comment. It’s validation. They get it, they get us. We did something and it feels really good.

Third, I’m angry. When I hear stories of people who have been hurt, I hurt with them. Badly. Some of you have had to go through (and are going through) just flat out awful circumstances–I want to help. The best way I know how is by reaching out and becoming vulnerable. There is healing in a good conversation and I hope to start more and more of those here.

Fourth, writing is fun. I would have never thought I would find myself here and I think that is why I question it so often. I enjoy reading what you have to say and I enjoy being able to get an entire idea out without being interrupted. Life likes to interrupt, but no matter what my words will be here waiting for me to finish…. them. 🙂

Finally, because writing changes things. Writing can change attitudes, hearts, minds, and opinions. It can breathe life. Writing makes a difference.

As I’m sure there are a handful of other reasons I write, this is all my brain would like to spit out at the moment. So my fellow writer friend, why do you write? 


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12 Responses to Writing Changes Things

  1. I LOVE this! I think you pretty much summed it up there Emz x
    Writing and getting an idea out helps me understand what I really mean even if no one else gets it. Writing just has to be done for reading to take place and reading feeds the soul 🙂

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  2. Julia Putzke says:

    Oh, Emily, all of your reasons are why I write. Another one I would add is because it’s God’s gift to to me. Every day, there is something new He wants to say, whether in my journal or here. Everything always connects back to Him. And I think writing reveals this to me. ❤

    There's a lot more I could say, too, but I am sleepy..seriously, I passed out while I stopped reading a book for a few minutes..

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    • lightthelie says:

      Yes! Everything we do really is a gift from God. He reveals Himself and teaches us through writing as well 🙂 I’m so glad you write! Get some rest! Everyone needs a nap now and then.


  3. To Live With All My Might says:

    I love this so much! You’re right, writing really does change things. I write because I want to impact the lives of others with my words, because it helps me to figure out my thoughts, and because it’s just plain fun. Writing is such a fantastic way to sort of…teach a lesson I guess?…without beating someone over the head with it, and I think your blog does just that. Keep up the good work!

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    • lightthelie says:

      Aw thank you so much! It’s great to hear when someone else feels the same as you about something. I agree that writing alows us to give advice without forcing it on anyone. Anyone who does read, reads because they CHOSE to. Which is also a great feeling to know they spent time “with” you by choice. 🙂 You keep writing to and we will make an impact together.

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  4. humblygrowing says:

    I write so people who might be going through what uve went through know they arent alone! I think the nicest thing you can do is share your story, becaise someone out there needs to hear it.


  5. Natalie Brenner says:

    Hi. I like this and I like your writing. Your writing is beautiful and raw and real and relatable. You touch hearts all over this earth; I thank Jesus for you! Thank you for writing!

    Let’s travel and speak and share together.


    • lightthelie says:

      Well, thank you! And thank you for being a great example and encouragement to me. I thank Jesus for you every day and I’m so thankful He has made us family here on Earth as in Heaven! 🙂 I would be honored to speak and travel and share with you!! How about Hawaii? 😉


  6. jisbell22 says:

    WOW! I have sure missed your writing. It is so true that writing does change things. I believe that it can change so much, not just for ourselves but for so many others who stumble upon the words we write. When done from the heart as you so eloquently do, it impacts so many and lightens their burdens a little more along the way. You are very talented, please keep sharing with us and changing our lives for the better. Thank you!


    • lightthelie says:

      I am blown away by the kindness in this comment!! Thank you for the encouragement, because the task has felt a little daunting to get back involved with wordpress after my mini break. So many great posts I have missed and want to catch up on. Thank you for writing and more than that, being present in the community to encourage others not only through your posts, but also through your comments! You are furthering the Kingdom of Heaven for sure!!


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