You’re Not Normal.

Yup. You’re not even close to normal, and neither am I. Neither is your family, or mine. We’re so different. We have completely missed the mark!! How do we become normal?! 

It would be easy to start trying to change. But who are we kidding? We have all been changing ourselves since before grade school. (Maybe some of you out there have found the secret earlier in life, and I am a little jealous!) 

As soon as we can understand anything we’re taking orders. “Don’t touch that!” “Raise your hand.” “Slow down.” “Be quite.” “Speak up.” “Wear this.” “Eat that.” 

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We’ve been judged for laughing too hard at a joke. Our stories aren’t interesting enough. Our opinions don’t match up. We’re too emotional or not emotional enough.  

So we begin to conform. We push our feelings out of the way because we’re told to. In the blink of an eye the person in the mirror is an adult. An actor, or actress. We play the role because we don’t want to be different. We want to be normal. Or even better than normal–whatever that means. Our answers are rehearsed to all the typical questions: “What do you do?” “Where do you live?” “What are your hobbies?” We have really good answers, or we’re able to justify the answers that are not “normal.” Ex: You live in an apartment, but have to justify that your saving money up for the house of your dreams because it isn’t acceptable to be in an apartment. It is normal to be in a house. BUT that is so wrong! Thousands of people live in apartments and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!! Why do we need to feel guilty about where we live? 


Unfortunately, we’ve lost ourselves. We lost the fact that we’re all different. We have different interests. Different opinions. Some of us are loud, and others are quiet. Some of us like to sing, others like to read. Some of us like to do both! Some of us like math and others like English. Some of us run and some of us walk. Some of us go to school and some go to work and some stay at home.

In order to find ourself, we have got to stop trying to be normal. The most normal person in your life probably isn’t normal. It’s an act. They are the most unlike themselves out of the whole bunch. 


The best version of you is not the one the world is telling you to be. The best version is the you when you’re not acting. It’s the one that laughs so hard you snort. It’s the one that shares an opinion without fear of what the world thinks. It’s the one that cries when you’re sad. It’s the one that takes a nap when you’re tired. It’s the one who finds help when you need it. It’s the one that makes you, you.

When we accept ourselves for who we truly are, we are able to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s when we start trying to be “normal” when we lose the joy in life and only strive to be something we’re not. It’s next to impossible to enjoy being someone you’re not. I like you the way you are, and I like myself better when I’m not comparing myself to what I think is normal. I fail every time, and I don’t want to feel like that anymore! 

Will you join me in the journey of getting back to our true selves? I would love to do it with you!! 🙂 ❤


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5 Responses to You’re Not Normal.

  1. Franz says:

    I agree just by trying to be “normal” is not normal anyway. When someone says they just want to be “normal”. I’m like define “normal”. Because the way that a person sees normal might be different than a another and ect.


  2. cupcake010 says:

    Reblogged this on Cupcakes Adventures and commented:
    Couldn’t of said it better myself


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