A Secret: To Be Broken and Beautiful.

As I sat on the back porch and tried to choke down my black coffee, I was reminded of someone in my life who is truly beautiful. I wondered to myself, “What is so beautiful and captivating about her?” Yes, she is beautiful on the outside… but by no means would she be the standard American model type. 

Then it hit me. 

Imagine the most captivating and beautiful person you know, personally. What is it about them that draws you in? 


All of us either have gone through, are going through, or will go through something that breaks us. It will rip us to the point that will bring us to our knees and tears will flood to the floor. It will feel like there is no return. We will never recover. 

It is easy for us to shut everyone out–to protect our hearts so we will not feel the pain again. We stop sharing our hearts with others. We don’t let people in because we don’t want to be vulnerable. We slap on a smile and tell everyone we’re “fine.” We post filtered selfies and funny videos. We play it safe.


Yet, there is something that continues to bring me back to this beautiful person. 

She too has gone through many hardships, some I know you have gone through as well. Hard painful situations that have had her broken and bawling. But somehow her heart is wide open. Every day she chooses to be vulnerable and let the world see her for who she is. And let me tell you, she is broken and beautiful. She is very real and doesn’t try to convince me she’s “fine.” She laughs with me, shares stories and fears with me. She lets me in on her successes and her failures. And when life deals her something painful–she bawls her eyes out in front of me. What an honor. She is vulnerable with me and I am ever more drawn to her. She has a beauty that is enticing. 

images (1)  

I know it may sound like the most opposite choice you want to make when something or someone hurts you. Vulnerability is not the easy road, but it is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to grow from and become, in a sense, more real. More you.

A heart at rest with life is inviting to everyone around them. They see you for who you are. They are able to be fully present with you. They are not distracted by social media or their cell phones. They are able to let go of mistakes they’ve made and are able to see a hope for a better tomorrow. They are beautiful and captivating. 


As you continue throughout your day, my hope for you is to experience the freedom of becoming vulnerable. Let your heart be known. Let down the brick walls you have been building over the last handful of years. Let others enjoy the beauty you have to share. Share your ideas and opinions. Try something new. Continue becoming you! And I will continue on this journey alongside you. It’s a beautiful life when we do it together. 

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27 Responses to A Secret: To Be Broken and Beautiful.

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    This was such a lovely post. It made me think really hard about a friend of mine who too is exceptionally beautiful and captivating. They too have been through difficult times, and I never doubt their wonderfulness.
    Such a good, good post ❤


  2. gabycompres says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your heart!


  3. beingeternal says:

    A honest reflection indeed! Broken are always beautiful. It just needs a different perspective to feel that inward beauty reflecting the honest self.


  4. Lori says:

    Loved this! Your friend does indeed sound beautiful, just as your beautiful heart is shining through in your words.

    Have you read Daring Greatly and/or The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown? If not, I think you would enjoy them.


    • lightthelie says:

      Oh boy! *blushing* thank you so so much. I can tell you are the kind of friend I was writing about… Absolutely the best 🙂

      I haven’t read either one… So it looks like I have a couple to pick up now! Thanks for the recommendation. Now just to squeeze in so reading time while my daughter naps…


      • Lori says:

        Ah, you are so sweet!
        I think you would really love the books…I think a lot if it will resonate with you…if you can find time to read. 🙂 I can imagine when she naps you have lots you could be doing, including napping yourself. 🙂


      • lightthelie says:

        Yes, that is my biggest struggle in life. To nap or not to nap? 🙂 haha my husband has me trying to drink black coffee now, blech. But it really does help! And I’ll have extra time to read.. And cook! 🙂


      • Lori says:

        Hehehe… 🙂 Black coffee? Blech is right. Then again I don’t like coffee no matter how much goodies is in it! Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • lightthelie says:

        I’m with you Lori!! 🙂 Do you have a caffeine of choice? Or are you able to make it through the day without?!


      • Lori says:

        I actually can’t have caffeine. I used to drink soda a lot. People would bring their coffee to school in the morning and my husband and I would bring our diet cokes. Lol. Now I just drink lots and lots of water and caffeine free tea. I love tea! Am currently enjoying a new berry chocolate one! My hubby made me some ice tea with it…yum yum yum. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • lightthelie says:

        Haha all I craved through pregnancy was Coke! Especially in the slurpee form. I think you are right on about water–it’s almost as if I forget about it? Maybe I need some sticky note reminders throughout the house.

        Berry chocolate tea sounds amazing!! I think I’ll just have to try it out 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!


      • Lori says:

        Slurpy coke! Yum! 😊
        I used to hate water…is that even possible?! lol. Now I drink it nonstop. 🙂


  5. capegirlal says:

    Lovely post…:)


  6. Julia Putzke says:

    Oh, Emily. I, too have a friend like this: http://crippledatyourtable.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/there-will-be-another-friend/. She has her struggles, but every time I’m around her (which right now is long distance), there is joy and listening and patience and bravery 🙂 (I’ll tell you more in email.)

    Thank you for this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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