Fear: What is it?


This little four letter word might as well be an inappropriate word. Right up there with the other little four letter words. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have been a victim to fear. I used to lie in bed at night and think of every worst-case scenario. I would imagine the man dressed in all black coming in through the window, or the fire that started in the kitchen. An earth quake. A flood. My parents getting shot. My brother being kidnapped. You know, all of those really “good feeling” kind of stuff. 

I would figure out how I would handle each scenario best. After running through as many awful situations as I could, I would eventually fall asleep– feeling like I knew how to handle each one. 

Let me tell you something. None of them ever happened. Not a single one. 

It went further than home though. I would fear that girls at school were thinking about me, judging me. That my teachers wouldn’t be pleased with my answers. I feared that I would disappoint my teammates and coach. I feared that the boys wouldn’t like me. That my clothes weren’t stylish enough. That my friends wouldn’t like me if they saw through me.

I feared that people wouldn’t see me for me. 

I feared they would see me as a failure. 

I put on a front and never let anyone see that fear or hurt. I was always “happy” and slapped a smile on my face.

But looking back, I wasn’t a failure at all. I was scared of something that didn’t exist and never will. 

It wasn’t until I was 22 that someone explained fear to me. 


  • False
  • Evidence
  • Appearing 
  • Real

Fear is something we create. It’s those little whispers inside us saying we’re not going to make the cut. That we should give up now because there is no way we can do it. It feels so real! That is how that sneaky little devil can squeeze it’s way into our lives and destroy us from the inside out. 

My friends, you are stronger than fear. Fear isn’t real life. YOU ARE REAL LIFE. That is a fact. 

Live in the here and now. Not in the what if’s. 

Until next time! Let’s light up this lie. This little lie that goes by the name fear. I’ll be working on a post for monday over the weekend about the best way to fight fear– but I’m going to need your help! 

Let’s hear from you! Has fear taken ahold of you before or right now? What are you most afraid of? Have you found a way to fight fear already? 

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7 Responses to Fear: What is it?

  1. takingthemaskoff says:

    they say you live out of fear or out of love, unfortunatley, today most of us live from fear. This is a major issue in our lives today


  2. The Anon says:

    I was exactly like that. I still am. Maybe I’m paranoid of being by myself in the dark, I get even more paranoid when I’m alone and convince myself I’m not. But I’ve come to realize that fear should not control me. I should be able to control and conquer my fears. But as they say, “it’s easier said than done.”


    • lightthelie says:

      Thanks for reading 🙂 That is the worst! When you have reached the point of believing there really is someone else there. I lived in a house a couple of years ago that had rats in the walls… oh the worst. There is just something about the dark that attracts fear. I stopped watching scary movies a couple of years ago and it’s amazing how much it help with those fears. The other type of fear in the social realm is a little more difficult.


      • The Anon says:

        No problem. Some nights I’d sleep drenched in sweat and it would jut be horrible. Oh dear that’s terrible. Whenever I hear just the slightest abnormal noise and paranoia gets me. I think it’s the fact that we rely on our sight so much, we’re just not used to being unable to see through our eyes and when we’re not in control, it unnerves us. People with vision fear the dark more than a blind man.


      • lightthelie says:

        That is an interesting thought! Our eyes are really a curse and a blessing in so many ways. I’ll have to look into how our senses affect our fears and the way we think about life in general. Thanks for that! 🙂


  3. The Anon says:

    Anytime! I’m glad I inspired you 🙂


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