The First Day

School. It’s right around the corner.

I remember very clearly the conversations leading up to the first day back. (Except in my day it was myspace with the top 8 friends and all that.. talk about drama!)

Getting the new class schedule, posting it to social media to find out who is in your classes. (Because we MUST know before! Right?!)  

What to wear? 

What to bring?

Most importantly, who has lunch with me?! What if I have to eat all alone? 

“I’m excited to see Sarah, but I’ve been avoiding Brittany all summer.”

“This anxiety won’t go away!”

“I can’t sleep at night. I’m excited to be back, but nervous at the same time.” 

How are you guys preparing for the first day back? (At least here in the US and some other countries out there) 

Or, how did you prepare for the first day back? Was there something you wish you could have done differently? 

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