Sarcasm: What really happens.

You know that friend that can get away with saying anything? The one that can straight up tell someone they are no good. You know, your “friend” Logan.

Logan says, “Oh yeah Katie, you’re totally normal.” But the undertone in his voice says something otherwise. Sure Katie laughs it off along with everyone else. But it cuts a lot deeper. All the sudden Katie is all alone. She is the only weirdo, and everyone else thinks so. They all laughed along. She even gave a small chuckle to fit in.

Now, sure Logan would never say “Katie is a werido.” But Logan found it okay to sarcastically put down Katie. Everyone laughed. It must be okay, right?


Conflict is tough. Nobody wants to become vulnerable and stand up to Logan. Why? Because Logan is so good at sarcasm, he’ll just sarcastically turn it right around on you.

“Oh everyone look at (your name here)! (Your name here) has no sense of humor. Take a joke!”

You guys! It’s not a joke! It hurts. Katie has every right to feel upset. It’s not okay that she has to put up with it. She will probably try to change herself so that Logan won’t have any ammo on her next time. But the problem is, Logan will always have ammo. He can just make up whatever he wants. He knows everyone will laugh.

Sarcasm is not funny. Sarcasm cuts deep. It separates us from everyone else. I see it lurking in the shadows of every group. It gets everyone.

Can we shine some light on it?!

This lie that sarcasm is okay, needs to be thrown out!

How has sarcasm affected you? Can you please share your stories below so that others can see just how deep it cuts. Even if it was “only a joke.”

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