Light the Lie: Let’s do this.

Can we be real with each other?

Being a teenager is tough.

Every day there are a bazillion things you have to worry about and you are totally alone.

So alone that there is no way anyone else would understand what you’re going through.

So what do you do?

You focus on something else.

Maybe it’s your make up, or a crush, or school, or a sport–

and whatever it is that is tearing you up from the inside gets pushed way–way out of the way.

You can’t even think about it because it might just break you, and it’s not okay to be broken.


All of your friends and peers seem to have their lives together.

–That girl who is always posting such beautiful selfies … #Iwokeuplikethis.

–That guy who is getting good grades and plays on varsity.. he’s everyone’s #mcm.

Maybe that’s even you–and even with the likes and the status–you still feel alone.




Let’s fight this lie! 

Let’s stop pretending everything is awesome (like the Lego movie).

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to listen.

I’m ready to bring an end to aloneness.

Let’s bring some light on the dark areas of the teen years (+ and – a couple into preteen and the early 20s).

Please share your stories in the comments and each new post on this blog will highlight a new topic and hopefully spotlight one of you amazing teens!

I’m seriously so excited to fight this fight with you!

I am passionate about this.

We have NO MORE ROOM for the lies.

Light the lie!

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